Bar Unit


Who doesnt like to have a drink during the weekends? Do you use to have it from your dining table? Why not keep a small bar unit for having small cheers with your dears for leisure? It is a prestige among the many to integrate a bar unit in a small area of the interiors. You might be in a heavy doubt of how the colour, size and the materials should be? Here is where we are into action.

Keep your worries at bay. VeeTee helps you with your needs of having a bar counter by analyzing your needs and pick the most alluring bar units for your interiors. We focus on various features involving size, colour, shape, style and comfort to provide unique bar units.


A well-fabricated bar unit at the comfort of your home can really entertain you and your loved ones. Our home bar units let you enjoy your drink in style. Even if you are opting for a well-stocked bar design or a unit of grandeur, we help you design the space with the right elements in a fully organized structure.

Based on the requirements of your budget, space, style and storage area, we assist you to create a home bar in varied shapes including L shaped, U shaped, rounded and squared shapes depending on the space availability. Apart from that, sleek & stylish suiting your small space is also one among our services.


We strategize a wide variety of features before implementing the fully functional home bar units by completely understanding your custom ideas blended with our unique strategies to build the space as per your dreams. Our durable materials are water and termite resistant and also keeps other pests away from its premises.

We consider various parameters for your dream bar design. The most suitable bar units for majority houses may require a height and depth of 42 inches and 24 inches respectively. Stools fixed to the units is placed at a height of 30 inches from the ground and can be customized whether to have a backrest or armrest or both.