Pooja Units


Devotion is divine and people in India are more inclined towards it. They visit a temple to offer prayers for their nears and dears. How will it be if a mini temple is stationed in your home itself? It will be worth having a place of worship where every member of the family would assemble to pray. Moreover, cleanliness and calmness is a key aspect of the place while offering prayers and performing rituals.

VeeTee designs and delivers you a properly designed pooja unit installed in the comfort of your home. To make your religious activities an auspicious one, we design the room taking into consideration even the minute measurement of your interiors and furnishes top quality and termite resistant materials to build the prayer room.


We offer you custom pooja units based on the specifications you choose. For instance, for a wooden pooja unit, we would be utilizing materials made of rosewood or teak unless you specify your choice. We also deliver pooja units made of materials like plastic, wood, glass etc to help you set with a unique variety prayer room for your sweet home.

We keep in mind your budget and your personal preferences to ultimately set the pooja unit. Even if the provisions of the portions are not planned for your new home, we help manage your interior space with new innovative ideas to fit right it in the most feasible way, taking into consideration your opinion.


If your interior space is voluminous, we can house the pooja unit right leveraging the available area. For a larger space, we use 6X5 dimensions and if you want your prayer room in a small area, 3×3 dimensions are the most suitable ones. About the floorings, we use vitrified tiles that guarantee high resistant against stains and scratches. /p>

Rather than simply seeing your prayer room in a regular fashion every time, we fabricate it an all-new way. Wall mounted pooja rooms, spacious units, intricately carved designs, standalone pooja room designs & cabinets are some of the types we make. Based on your custom preference decorative elements can also be attached to the units.