TV Unit


TV Unit

TV units refer to the TV stands that stands as an integral part of your home. In the olden days, every household owns a TV kept above a table. But, that’s not the trend currently existing. Days have changed, so as people’s mind too. They look forward to giving their small area a gorgeous look and feel.

Watching entertainment in channels is a necessity no one can ignore in the midst of hundreds of stress factors playing in the modern life. Vee Tee delivers you TV units that are sleek, stylish and modern featuring ambient tv lighting, floating cabinets, symmetric & asymmetrical patterns of all sizes and colours.


TV Unit With Study Table

Customers custom requirements are our top priority. We furnish products in accordance with your personal choices that will help you possess a TV unit of grandeur style and fashion that matches every aspect of the interiors. TV units should be able to serve a multitude of your requirements like any other part of your home.

It should also sync with the rest of the interior styles, match with the existing storage space and should comply with the maintenance of the material. Vee Tee provides TV units of a wide variety of variant colours, sizes and looks that add richness to your interiors in a unique way.


TV Cum Pooja Unit

We own the pride of set of wooden TV units that are widely accepted between the customers and are used even in numerous hotels and corporates. Even if your TV stands in the unit or whether it is wall mounted, we are here to showcase distinct units that signify style and opulence.

Quality should be the primary factor you should keep in mind while buying a TV unit as it should be able to resist the mass of the items placed above. Our units are built of branded materials that are proved to keep termite attacks at bay. We assure that it will be worth your money buying a custom-made TV unit from us.